I love using drawing to help you explain stuff. I also love helping groups of people work together with utility and joy. I try to combine these in my work. 

I had a decade of fundraising roles in the charity and social enterprise sectors in the UK, Mongolia and Mumbai, mainly working with corporates and high-net worth individuals.

In most of these jobs I tended to get drawn to fixing problems at the intersection of information and people.

As a natural visual learner and the 'arty one' in the office I started to explore and use visual techniques for doing everyday work. 

I took the leap in September 2015 to making this into something more. 

What I'm good at

with people: 

deep listening

understanding things from other people's point of view

quickly grasping the interplay between organisational culture and individual behaviour

organising events and logistics

facilitating and meaningful convening 

games, creativity and joy

with paper: 

drawing out ideas, concepts, systems and relationships

creating useful visuals for explaining, welcoming, including or highlighting topics or people

summarising and structuring information

writing clearly and concisely 



I live on a boat in Oxford with my cat, Captain Alex Fishfingers, and Iā€™m lucky to have my studio at the marvellous Ark T Centre.