Scribing, or graphic recording, is the process of listening deeply to what people are saying in a room, and quickly translating this into a big visual, live. It's made up of pictures, some words and symbols, and the content all comes from what is being said in the room, by the participants.

Scribing is awesome for helping people to feel heard, to understand concepts and ideas easily, and to see things from others' point of view. 

It's particularly helpful if your organisation or group needs to look at culture and organisational behaviour, is going through a big change, wants to bring many voices on board,  or just needs a bit of help to get your thinking straight and reflect on things.

I will find out about the day you have planned, and suggest ways to make the most of me. I do not need to know anything about the content or technical aspect of the information (unless there is very specific jargon for me to use). I need a large, clear wall and will bring all of my materials. Afterwards you will receive edited images of the paper (and can keep the actual product if you want!). These images are great for reports, films, social media or to pass onto participants as a follow up.