I also create and draw videos based on your content. This is excellent for bringing to life a report or long document, especially if it is quite complex information or you want to maximise the chances of your work being acted upon.

I will read the information, layout a storyboard of ideas for how it could be animated and the kinds of images you wish to have. After this is agreed I will produce it, alongside a videographer, who will look after the technical elements of filming, lighting and editing. 

Recently I did this short video for the dorothyhodgkinproject.com for Somerville College, University of Oxford - this was filmed live with my hands and then sped up. This process is *much* faster and simpler than the stop-motion animation, below. This took around three days of my time. 

Below is one chapter of a report I created for onlinehealthcommunities.org . This was stop-motion animation which means I drew a tiny part of something, took a photo, drew another tiny part of it, took a photo, and repeat ad infinitum. I used coloured paper, and my hands are not present in the final outcome. This is quite a big undertaking and probably took around 12-15 days of my time.