I also create and draw videos based on your content. This is great for: for bringing to life a report or complex information, giving issues a human side through storytelling, conveying large amount of information quickly and much more

I’ll work with you to understand the info, storyboard my ideas and write a script. After this is agreed I will produce it, alongside a videographer, who will look after the technical elements of filming, lighting and editing. 

Made for Bristol Law Centre in March 19 with the wonderful Sarah Halliday.

Combining footage and animation - this is one a three videos - the other two are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBeiyspHvQ8&t=52s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvmDk8v5wSA&t=20s

They were for impactsocialjustice.org and made with the marvellous r-harrison.com

Combining illustration and animation again. For Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford.

Summer 17 - A short video for the dorothyhodgkinproject.com for Somerville College, University of Oxford - this was filmed live with my hands and then sped up.

I also worked with MAC UK to create 30 short videos based on audio they had collected from staff and service users on the streets. The pictures are very simple and are designed to math the rough and ready sound of the audio. Please see https://co-production.mac-uk.org/

Jan 17 - a film explaining one chapter of a report for onlinehealthcommunities.org . This was stop-motion animation (extremely time intensive).